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Watch this song being performed and recorded here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJyWg4Noej8&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

Colin Tyler is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter but is a student of the world. His style varies, but always showcases his amazing vocal talents.

Moving effortlessly through genres- jazz to blues, rock to romantic- his storytelling and compelling arrangements thread it all together to provide audiences with more than a song, but a whole experience. Colin does not track his music, he only performs it live, full band, single take to be as honest as possible and capture that moment in time.

His voice and music have been compared to Jeff Buckley, Jimmy Gnecco, Ours, Nick Drake, James Reyne and recalls a time when music peered deep into our shared human experience. In Colin's own words from a recent interview, "It is my firm belief that here and now our culture is standing at the threshold of a revival; and not just musical, but of all things synthetic. We are begging for something honest and pure in all aspects of our existence; from the foods we eat, to politics and the information we receive, right down to music and art. I am reminded of the excess, glam and utter insincerity of the 80s just before Kurt Cobain took the helm of the grunge revolution. We are beginning to see that, although our technologies increase efficiency and productivity, we are sacrificing something more inconspicuous...

Upon listening back to all my studio-perfected music, I sensed something was missing; something was incomplete. It was sonically pleasing, but it simply had no soul. I realized I had been trying to imitate something that was once raw and emotional. Now, all honesty and emotion had been suffocated and only a shadow of a ghost remained. I then decided to never make a studio recording again. Live recordings are my future.

Recording is a fairly new technology and concept, given the scope of music history. How did people listen to music before the phonograph? Imagine it, for a moment. They had to physically be in the presence of the artist to hear the music. Great music wasn’t readily available to them. They could not access it with a stroke of the index finger. It was something special; something sacred and they knew it. Can you imagine if you were one of the lucky few able to see Beethoven himself perform Für Elise? What an experience it must have been!

In some cultures, separate words for music and dance do not exist. They are one and the same. The movement of a person is as important as the sound. So where did we go wrong? When did compact disks and MP3s become all that is music? When did the performance become secondary? It seems like we are taking photographs of mountains and pawning them off as mountains. Yes, you can look at a picture and gain a pretty accurate idea of what a mountain is with a little imagination, but to actually stand at the base of Mount Everest and look up is quite another impression far beyond the dimensions of a photograph. No wonder everyone is stealing music. They’re starting to smell the bullshit."

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from MOTU Artist Management Sampler, released November 4, 2011
from Colin Tyler Live Studio EP 04​-​11, track released 01 April 2011



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